Dumbass on DVD:
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The Modernity DVD

Directed by Zeke Mason, the Modernity film is a visual counterpart to
the album experience.

Paying close attention to the principles of silent film, the Modernity
movie weaves several narratives together, drawing on archival and
original footage, using the album as a soundtrack that dictates the
pace and flow of the action. Drawing on the same theoretical
sources as the Modernity album itself, the Modernity film adds depth
and colour to the picture painted, as well as views from other  
vantage points.

Visit the Modernity website for a preview of this film
The Shitty Home Video 3

The Shitty Home Video 3 captures the early years of the turn of this
century. It features live performances, studio work, behind the
scenes footage, and music videos from one of the most productive
and creatively fruitful periods of Dumbass' existence. Far more than
the early years of this band, the years from 2001 to 2008 mark the
expansion and refinement of Dumbass' high art approach to music.

The Shitty Home Video 3 is indeed still available
The Shitty Home Video 2

Carrying on in the proud tradition of its forefather, The Shitty Home
Video 2 documents more of Dumbass' early years. Featuring live
performances, studio footage, and more, the Shitty Home Video 2
captures the Dumbass of the late 1990's leading up to the new

The Shitty Home Video 2 is no longer available.
The Shitty Home Video

The Shitty Home Video is, as its name suggests, a rather low-tech
document of the early years of the band (in the mid 1990's).
Originally released as a hand-copied VHS, the Shitty Home Video
documented Dumbass' earliest live performances.

The Shitty Home Video is no longer available.